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Hi, my name is Rohit. I am a B.E. Computer Science graduate from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani) .

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SPDX Online Tool
Google Summer of Code 2017 Project with SPDX -
Built an easy all-in-one portal to upload and parse SPDX documents for validation, comparison and conversion and search SPDX license list by forming a Python-Java bridge for integrating various methods from the SPDX JAVA tools library.
SSMS Grub Portal
A web portal to curb grub fake signing in the campus
Object Detection Using High Speed Vision
A project based on Image processing for object identification and machine learning algorithms for color and shape based tracking.
An Android App for the Visually Impaired people to see through their Smartphone.
Bhopal Incinerators
Website for Bhopal Incinerators.
A reusable wallet app to keep your money in check.
Simulating Pokemon Go fight in flask
To generate test cases from UML sequence diagrams.
Finding blood online.
Extending SSMS Grub portal to include t-shirts,sweatshirt, event and prof shows signing in the campus.( We won the first prize for this project in Software Design Application Development Category at our Annual Technical fest APOGEE 2017, BITS Pilani.)
Twitter Trends
Twitter Trends Visualisation
Making a collage from a set of images
Animating Text from PNG Sequences
PNG Sequences for animation

Rohit Lodha . rtgdk.github.io

Last Updated - 10 September, 2020